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Proof emails for Message Templates are not sent
Answer ID 9252   |   Last Review Date 07/14/2019

Why aren't my proof emails for Message Templates being delivered?


Message Templates, Emails


We finished editing a message template and want to send a proof to key staff for feedback. However, it seems that none of our contacts are receiving the proof emails.


One possibility is that the Message Template you are working on is not configured to send. In such cases the proof message will not send.

Configure a template to send:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Site Configuration > Message Templates
  2. Click the Interface
  3. On the ribbon, click Contact E-mails and expand the section for your template (i.e. Incident > Question Receipt message)
  4. The Send check box must be selected for the corresponding Message Template to send
  5. Select Deploy for the template and Save or click Deploy All from the ribbon and Save

The above scenario applies to all Message Templates.