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Navigating to our site by entering 'www.' before our hostname does not work
Answer ID 9233   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

When trying to navigate to our site in a browser, why does my custom domain not work if I enter the address with a leading 'www.' first?


SSL certificates for custom domains
Customer Portal (CP)


While in a browser trying to access our end-user pages, entering a leading 'www.' before our custom domain does not work. The link works fine normally, but does not with the leading 'www.' added to the address. 


This can occur because the leading www. is not assumed in the hostname or on the Internet, and must be explicitly defined on the certificate that covers your site. This can be done by adding a Subject Alternative Name to the certificate that defines a www. version of the desired hostname as well. 

In other words, if you need as a common name on a certificate, but also need coverage for, then you will need to define as a Subject Alternative Name.

This cannot be added afterward once the certificate is already active, so you are encouraged to carefully review all addresses that you need coverage for prior to purchasing your certificate. 

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