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Passing Intelligent Advisor seedData through Agent Desktop Browser control to set global attributes
Answer ID 9210   |   Last Review Date 05/25/2021

How do I pass Intelligent Advisor seedData through the Agent Desktop Browser Control?


Intelligent Advisor, Oracle Policy Modeling (OPM) and Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)

This answer is intended for the user with knowledge of OPM, Intelligent Advisor and the Browser Control within the B2C Service Workspace.


The sample code in this article is not certified or supported by Oracle. It is intended for educational or testing purposes only. Use of this sample code implies acceptance of the License Agreement.

There are 2 steps that need to be completed in order to accurately seedData through the B2C Service Browser Control:

Step 1) The B2C Service Browser Control:

Add the seedData to the URL for the Browser Control 

Your URL should look like:

https://<site>/web-determinations/startsession/MyPolicy?seedData=name%d<data to pass>

Make sure to use https: not http:

Example:  OPM project is named "IncidentDemo"

attribute "test"

Text "OracleTest"

URL will be:

Step 2) The OPM Interview:

Setup your attribute with a Mapped In option selected of <url parameter>

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