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Populating Web Roles in Knowledge Advanced
Answer ID 9140   |   Last Review Date 07/24/2019

How do I populate Web Roles in Knowledge Advanced?


Knowledge Advanced


Knowledge Advanced Web Roles are shadowed from Oracle B2C Service’s Access Levels, via Contact user’s authentication.


Perform the following steps to populate Web Roles within Knowledge Advanced:

  1. In Agent Desktop, create ‘Access Level’(AL) , e.g. Gold, Silver, Platinum

  2. In Agent Desktop, create SLA and map ALs created in Step (1) to the new SLA
    e.g. All

  3. In Agent Desktop, create a contact and assign SLA created in Step (2) to
    the contact. e.g. applejack is mapped to SLA “All”

  4. Log the user created in (3.) to OKCS with either of 2 options:
    • Have the Contact log in to the Customer Portal
    • Using OKCS REST authenticate the “Web User” with the endpoint /km/api/latest/auth/authorize and userExternalType=CONTACT.


For further information on getting authenticates the Web User for the OKCS REST API
Knowledge Advanced REST API Authenticate and Authorize