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Oracle Field Service One-Off Service Updates
Answer ID 9012   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

What fixes were included in a One-Off Service Update for OFS?


Latest supported version of Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I don't know what fixes were included in a One-Off Service Update.


Release Notes describe new features, changes, and altered functionality with brief overviews of these changes.

The OFS Release Notes contain a summary of scheduled Service Updates. Release notes for One-Off  Service Updates from the current Service Update available can be found in the section below.

Each One-Off Service Update has a unique build number. The ‘About’ page in Oracle Field Service located in the 'Configuration > General' section provides the current build your instance is running.  

Example 'About' page:

Configuration > About

How to use this Build number:

Simply locate the build your OFS instance is running by referencing the first 4 sets of numbers XX.X.X.X

(NOTE: The fifth set of numbers is irrelevant and should be ignored by customers as it is for Oracle use only). 

Select that build from the list below and use the information found to identify what updates were applied in your current version.

One-Off Service Updates for OFS 18A:


Core API

  • activityBookingOptions now allows null values.
  • Improvements made to reduce 500 errors in specific scenarios.


Core Manage

  • Users now able to save Resource Information without the "Entity not found" error.


Core API

  • Outbound messages are now properly delivered.
  • HTTP 500 errors no longer happen under specific scenarios.

Core Mobility

  • Resource list now properly loads when checking "Calendars".


Core API

  • Search now returns information when using date as older then 2 days.
  • Users are now able to use the "Send Requests" action without errors.
  • General improvements to system stability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. I see a newer update is available for my instance, when will this be installed?
A. Service Updates will be automatically scheduled and installed to instances which are affected by reported issues fixed within the specific Service Update.You will receive the latest version available at that time. If you are affected by a severe issue you may receive an One-Off Service Update outside of the standard Service Update schedule. If you have not received an update in which you would want installed, open a ticket as

Q. A note says internal updates were made, where can I get more information on what changed?
A.  Internal updates are maintenance updates to Oracle Field Service. They do not impact functionality and are used to improve system performance, quality, stability and security.

Q. Where can I find out what was included in One-Off Service Updates from the past which are no longer shown in this page?
A.  Once Service Updates are no longer actual they are removed from this page and are displayed within the official release notes.

Q. When I look up my version number in my 'About' screen why is there an additional set of numbers at the end of my version?
A. The final number(s) shown in your About screen's version should be ignored. This is for Oracle use only and makes no difference to what version you are actually on. As shown on the picture above, only the first four sets of numbers should be considered. For example, if your about screen says it means that you are on the Feature Release 17.2 with the Service Update 7 installed and have not received any One-Off Service Updates (since the fourth set of numbers is 0).

Q. How do I report a defect?
A. Any possible defects need to be reported via CX Customer Portal (  The Oracle Field Service Support Team will process issues according to their severity and area (Manage, Mobility, Routing, etc.).

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