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Service is temporary unavailable...when testing Cobrowse
Answer ID 8989   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Why am I seeing 'Service is temporary unavailable...' message when testing Cobrowse?


Standalone Cobrowse


When testing Cobrowse,instead of generating a code, the following message is being displayed: 'Service is temporary unavailable. Please try again later. Thank you for your patience' as seen in the bellow image.

Cobrowse "Service is temporary unavailable." message


This behavior will occur if the launcher script has been placed in a file that is saved on the local computer. When the file is being loaded in a browser, Cobrowse functionality will not work and throw the above message.  In order for Cobrowse to work, the file that contains the script needs to be hosted on a server, it will not run as expected when it is called locally.

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