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PDFs are masked in ACB mode
Answer ID 8986   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Why are PDFs being masked when agents enter into Advanced Cobrowse?


Cobrowse - Advanced Mode (ACB)


PDFs will be masked if you have page masking configured and the PDF reader process name is not included in the masking configuration. If you want agents to see PDFs, the PDF reader needs to be included in the visible applications list (param id="ltb_apps"). For example:


  <siteCode id="SC123456:US:1" currentState="Pending">
      <module id="LTB" scope="SITE">
        <param id="ltb_apps">
            <value text="AcroRd32" title="" seqId="0" />
            <value text="Acrobat" title="" seqId="0" />
            <value text="AdobeReader" title="" seqId="0" />
            <value text="Adobe Reader" title="" seqId="0" />
        <param id="ltb_show_browser_settings">
            <value text="yes" title="" seqId="0" />
        <param id="ltb_urls">
            <value text="http*://**?*#*" title="" seqId="0" />
            <value text="http*://**?*#*" title="" seqId="0" />