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The meaning of a "Scheduled" Custom Field
Answer ID 8885   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

What does mean when a custom field says it is "Scheduled" ?


All Sites, Custom Fields


A custom field is in a "Scheduled" state, and no further changes can be made to custom fields.


If a custom field in the editor is labeled "scheduled" or "In progress" that means the requested changes require failover or there are background operations still pending. The total time required to complete these background operations can vary and will depend on your site. If the table being modified contains more that 100,000 rows it will automatically initiate failover. Once the operation is complete, the Custom Fields tree is refreshed and the flag and label no longer appear.
Modifications being made to custom fields should be done during off-peak hours to avoid conflicts. While users may still access the site during these deployments, certain functionality associated to the object being modified may not operate as expected. For example, when modifying incident custom fields access to incidents may be affected due to the incompatible schema. 

See also Answer ID 8923: Custom Objects & Custom Field Deployment Basics.