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When using "CustomAllInput" widget, all custom fields are not appearing as expected on the customer portal page
Answer ID 8878   |   Last Review Date 10/31/2018

Why am I not seeing the input field for all of my custom fields when using the "CustomAllInput" widget?


Customized Customer Portal


When using the "CustomAllInput" widget, some of my custom fields are not appearing on my customer portal page or the label is there but no input field.


There are two factors that can impact the view of your custom fields.

1) Confirm each custom field, you want to see in your interface, has Display enabled for the End-User.

2) Within the "hint" field of the custom field setting, when using html tags, confirm all end tags are included. For example, "<h3 style='FONT-SIZE:2'>" without "</h3>" will prevent the text field for this custom field from being displayed and may even prevent subsequent custom fields from appearing.


If you miss an end tag, the rendered HTML code will cause subsequent custom fields to not be visible, until an end tag is reached.