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Call webservice for published interview in Intelligent Advisor
Answer ID 8790   |   Last Review Date 06/25/2020

How do I call my published interview in Intelligent Advisor using SOAP UI?


Intelligent Advisor


If you have to log-in when you navigate to your https://<sitename>/determinations-server/assess/soap/generic/<version>/<deployedname>?wsdl, it means you have not enabled anonymous web service API access.

For more information on the setup for Web service endpoints refer to:  Overview of Determinations API

Because you are behind a secure login screen, SOAP UI will give an error and not recognize the WSDL because the URL is returning HTML and not the WSDL format.

There are a couple of options you can choose from to be able to call the determinations-server URL through SOAP UI.

1) You can login via the browser, save the WSDL to a local file and then load that WSDL file into SOAPUI
2) You can turn off the restricted access to the Determinations Server API.