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Contact disabled by CustLogin Contact Security
Answer ID 8760   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

Why was my contact disabled by CustLogin Contact Security?



Customer Portal, Contact Login


When you see that a contact has unexpectedly been disabled, check the audit log to determine if the record was edited under the following conditions:
     When: (date disabled)
     Who: Customer
     What: Edited
     Description: From Custlogin Contact Security
These conditions indicate that a contact record has been disabled due to too many login attempts on the end user pages. The 'Number of Invalid Logins' allowed is specified under the Contact Password Configuration (Configuration > Site Configuration > Contact Password Configuration).

When a contact exceeds the allowed number of logins, the system will disable the contact automatically. Contacts will need the Disabled flag removed through the console in order to reinstate their valid contact status.


Incidents submitted by disabled contacts will be filtered by Techmail, use report Incoming Email Filter Details (ID 227) to check if any incidents are being filtered for this reason.