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Receiving several generic Application Error notifications every fifteen minutes
Answer ID 8735   |   Last Review Date 12/24/2018

Why am I getting a generic "Application Error" notification every fifteen minutes?


February 2014 and newer


We've received several Application Error notifications that look as follows:
Type Who Notification Type Message When
0 System Application Error <YourSiteName> new errors: 1 (occurrences: 1) <Every 15 minutes>


The dbstatus-e utility causes a notification to be sent to the Notifications Center every 15 minutes if a new error occurred in the product in this timeframe. While these notifications do not always indicate major errors (and in most cases there may not be any actual functionality loss) it is a good idea to have someone within your organization review the error logs and determine if submitting a service request for further investigation is appropriate.

If these notifications become too frequent for your liking, it is recommended that you only enable system messages for a select group of staff who could review and correct the error or generate a service request if needed. The dbstatus-e utility should only be disabled as a temporary mitigation step if deemed appropriate.

For more information on System Error Notifications please review Answer ID 1853: Error Log and System Error Notifications