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Maintaining a Healthy Site: Technical Contacts (2 of 5)
Answer ID 8717   |   Last Review Date 06/17/2016

Maintaining a healthy site is not always about things like writing good code or being on a supported version. An often overlooked component to keeping your Oracle Service Cloud (OSVC) site functioning well is to assign the right people to the proper contact designation types. Even when a company follows all the best practices, there will be times that a software defect or incorrect configuration will cause problems. When that happens, Technical Support will work with our customers to find the cause and determine the steps needed to resolve the problem. Ensuring the proper people are engaging Technical Support and the appropriate tools and resources are available to them will streamline the identification of a root cause, thus enhancing the overall experience.

Technical Contacts are designated by a company as the people who interact with our Technical Support team. These should be people with advanced technical skills and an expertise in the company’s use and setup of Oracle Service Cloud product. In many cases, Support will request that these Technical Contacts make changes to workaround defects, ask detailed questions about setup and configuration and explain complex defects in technical terms. An organization’s site administrator will typically be a strong fit for a Technical Contact since they have access to settings and knowledge of the site setup, but should not be the lone holder of this designation. Customers who use the Customer Portal heavily and/or have integrations and add-ins should also have a developer as a Technical Contact. Finally, every customer should have a Technical Contact who is very familiar with the infrastructure in which Oracle Service Cloud is running. This IT person should have a good understanding of how Oracle Service Cloud works in addition to understanding the company’s workstation and network setup.

Investigations can be difficult and this is particularly true in cases where Technical Support can’t reproduce a problem. Technical Contacts are required to gather testimonies of a problem from their agents using the OSVC product. They will need to be able to gather data from these agents and may even need to work with them to turn on and gather logs recorded on their workstations. As such, companies should be setup so that they can easily install screen sharing solutions, video capture solutions and run .bat files on agent workstations. They should also ensure that they can run communication troubleshooting tools like ping, tracert and fiddlercap. These tools are all utilized on a daily basis by our Support team in the pursuit of the resolution of customer problems. The inability of a customer to access these tools quickly, or at all, can cause significant delays or may even prevent Support from uncovering root causes.  Additionally, due to the critical and complicated nature of troubleshooting, we highly recommend Technical Contacts be on site with their agents.

Two of the top characteristics we have identified as common among well-run sites are having a strong team of Technical Contacts as well has having the proper tools available for information gathering. Although only part of the “Maintaining a Healthy Site” puzzle, having the right team in place, providing high-quality information is essential to site stability achieved through efficient problem resolution.

- A special thanks to the guest contributions of Jesse Howland

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