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Using the Support Feedback Emailbox
Answer ID 8715   |   Last Review Date 06/17/2016

It turns out that one of the great things about having a blog is that one can go back and address the mistakes of previous posts. When we rolled-out the Support Experience at the beginning of May, one of the key pieces introduced was the Support Feedback Mailbox ( You can find a link to this on the upper left of the Support Experience page under “Send Your Feedback”. As it turns out, the limited explanation I provided regarding its purpose was not at all sufficient. The good news is that due to this informational shortfall, I can happily say we’ve identified our first mailbox prompted blog topic.

Judging by the submissions we’ve received so far, it seems that discussing how NOT to use this feature is just as important as discussing how to use it. The main misunderstanding that I’ve seen thus far is that people think this mailbox is a point of escalation or routing for Service Requests (SRs). The resolution of a technical issue can only come about by following the standard SR and escalation processes. If you submit details related to a specific issue encountered via this avenue, you will hear back from me, but I won’t be able to provide solutions. It also appears that some people believe that the mailbox handles all areas of the Oracle Service Cloud (OSvC) product. That is not the case. This mailbox is specific to OSvC Technical Support. We will not be able to effectively address items like suggestions for feature and functionality enhancement here.

The question that follows naturally from this is, “If this mailbox isn’t supposed to be used for SRs or escalation, then what is its purpose?” Very generally, the intention here is to provide you with a means by which to voice opinions regarding any aspects of working with Oracle Service Cloud Support and know that you’ve been heard. One example might be that you were unhappy with the information uncovered in a search of our Knowledge Base. Of course we like to hear what you think we do well, but in keeping with the overall Support Experience philosophy, for us to really improve the service we provide to our customers and partners, we need to understand the areas in which we are falling short.

Additionally, we encourage you to use this box to let us know if there are areas of the product with which you don’t feel comfortable and might like to see covered in more detail through a blog post. We will read and respond to each of your submissions and draw upon common themes to create support enhancements and content that will serve to benefit the user population as a whole. This post is an excellent example of how we envision the concept working. Your submissions made it clear to us that there were misconceptions around how this feature was to be used, so we took the opportunity to address that confusion.

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