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What is the Oracle Service Cloud Support Experience?
Answer ID 8713   |   Last Review Date 06/16/2016

Going forward, you’re going to be seeing and hearing a lot about the Oracle Service Cloud Support Experience.  When we talk about our Support Experience, we’re talking about a program designed to work collaboratively with you to co-create a continuous improvement process aimed at enhancing the end-user experience from every direction. In other words, we are going to be actively driving to engage you in reciprocal dialogue, hoping to take your input, suggestions and frustrations and turn them into actionable initiatives…and when we are done, do it again.

Now that we’ve laid out our vision for the Support Experience Program itself, it’s imperative we illustrate how it’s intended to work. Our goal is that you use this as a forum to submit your ideas, suggestions or frustrations by way of any of the variety of options at your disposal.  We will then identify the common themes and pain points of these submissions and create informational content to address them. As the process cycles, this forum will become a one-stop repository for all the informational material we create in response to the feedback we receive. We will start with this blog, but in short order you will be seeing things like Getting Started with OSvC Support videos, a library of recorded webinars and in-depth technical articles. In cases where we find that our shortcomings are resulting in poor user experiences, we will make the necessary adjustments be they systematic, training or otherwise.

One of the fundamental tenets of our Support Experience Program is enabling you to engage us in whichever way best suits you.  To this end, we are offering a variety of channels by which the conversation can get started and plan on adding more in the future.  Here is a breakdown of the pieces that currently make up our Support Experience Forum and how you might use them to interact with us and brush up on aspects of the OSvC product.

Send Your Feedback   ( – This is an active mailbox that’s been created with the sole purpose of providing you a simplified way of letting us know what’s on your mind. We’ll be alerted to your submissions and review those on a regular basis. For example, it could be used to identify topics for which further clarification through a blog could be helpful.

Twitter - In addition to allowing you to direct message us, one the of benefits of following @OSvC_Support on Twitter is that we will be providing an assortment of updates as well linking to information and articles relating to delivering exceptional customer service.

Support Experience Blog – This blog will not, in any way, be a substitute for answers in our Knowledge Base, but rather an opportunity to take a deeper, more causal and sometimes behind the scenes dive into areas where we’ve seen frustration and misunderstanding. It will be the culmination of common themes we see running through Service Requests, the Support Feedback Mailbox, Community Posts, etc.

Join the Conversation – Under this heading, you will find links to a few of the most recent OSvC Support related threads posted in the Customer Discussion Forum. These have not changed and are located in the Cloud Customer Connect.  Please continue to use this as well as the General Functional Discussions for Serviceto discuss pain points with or solicit ideas from your fellow user community.

Collaborate on Ideas – This is simply some food for thought taken from the Idea Lab.  Admittedly, this area has left something to be desired in the past. We understand that there are users out there who feel as though this has been a “black hole” at times, but we are committed to reinvigorating this area. Please consider this an option to submit your innovation suggestions and work through them with your counterparts.

Basically, we’ve been listening to what you have been saying and are in the process of evolving in an effort to provide product support that’s in line with your needs.  We couldn’t be more excited to roll out these new ways by which we can learn from you and eagerly look forward to working hand-in-hand as we uncover new ways to deliver even better service.


Edward Hobart

Customer and Partner Support Experience Manager - Oracle Service Cloud Support Team