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Report is missing older data
Answer ID 8703   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Why is my report missing data?


Reports & Analytics


Sometimes older data that was previously showing up in a report is no longer available.


Some tables are automatically aggregated on a regular basis and their data is “rolled up.” When the end of a roll up window is reached, all of the data for that time frame is condensed into a single summery row of data. Roll ups are used in order to reduce the size of a site’s database.

Roll Ups Schedule

  • 0 = hourly
  • 1 = daily
  • 2 = monthly
  • 3 = yearly

See Answer 5922: Dataminer aggregation of knowledge foundation tables for details on the roll up schedule.


Roll up rows are placed at the end of the timeframe for the roll up window. Therefore a level 2 roll up will place the data in the last day of the month. If you have a report built on a table that gets rolled up, and you are viewing (for instance) all data for the month of September on the 21st of September, you will have 21 rows of data. A few weeks later, that same report filtered to show the first three weeks of September will show no data at all. However, if you expand the date range to include the end of the month, you will find a single row with all the aggregated data for the entire month.

Example: An imaginary table, with a rollup happening on Thursday: 




 3  9 Monday
 7  1 Tuesday
 1  3 Wednesday
 4  8 Thursday

Would be rolled into:




 15  21  Thursday

For more information, refer to Answer 5921: Knowledge foundation tables windows field for a list of tables that use roll ups.