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Create content recommendation with the Knowledge Advanced REST API
Answer ID 8580   |   Last Review Date 03/19/2019

How do I create a content recommendation through the Knowledge Advanced REST API?


Knowledge Advanced REST API, available on Knowledge Advanced-enabled Oracle B2C Service sites version November 2015 and later


In the documentation for Knowledge Advanced REST API (available from Answer 5169: Technical Documentation and Sample Code), the sample request given for POST /contentRecommendations is a robust version of the request payload you need to send. Below is a simplified version. This is a working example; of course you would be sending the actual title and comments (body) for the recommendation you wish to create. The content recordId is the recordId of the existing document you wish the recommendation to be associated to. Categories are optional.

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  <title>Title of the recommendation</title>
  <comments>The content needs a fix and here are some words about how to do it.</comments>



 "title" : "Title of the recommendation",
  "comments" : "The content needs a fix and here are some words about how to do it."

  "content" : {
    "recordId" : "0024607a8b15c301535cb36e120079ca"

  "categories" : null,