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Oracle Field Service (OFS) SSO URL Format
Answer ID 8572   |   Last Review Date 03/22/2022

What is the SSO URL for my environment?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I cannot find in the documentation how I should construct my login URL for the users with SSO policy assigned.


Prior to 22A, the user with SSO has to input in the browser a special URL to login, following the format described below:

https:// {instance_name} / {saml_policy_label}/

https:// {instance_name} / {saml_policy_label}/


Starting in OFS 22A SSO users do not need to populate a long URL containing the login policy label to proceed with SSO authentication in the OFS native app. Users can simply enter the instance name on the Instance screen within the installed app and tap "Sign in with SSO".