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Determining source of non-existent link
Answer ID 8571   |   Last Review Date 11/26/2019

How do I identify the page causing the 'redirected to blank page' warning?


Oracle B2C Service version November 2012 newer


I understand why I am getting a "User redirected to blank page because RNM_DEFAULT_URL not set" notification, but I'm unsure how to identify the page causing the warning. Examples are as follows:

"User redirected to blank page because RNM_DEFAULT_URL not set" 
"User redirected to blank page because EGW_DEFAULT_URL not set"


Unfortunately, the application does not offer an out-of-the-box feature to determine which link is causing the warning message, however, there are solutions that you can look into to track down the problematic link.

If the link is located somewhere on the customer portal, you can use a crawler tool or a similar tool that can check the links on the customer portal and identify which are bad links. For this to work you would need to leave the values for EGW_DEFAULT_URL and RNM_DEFAULT_URL configuration verbs blank.

Another option would be to set a custom page on the EGW_DEFAULT_URL and RNM_DEFAULT_URL configuration verbs and, with the help of a custom report using the clickstreams table, check the referrer information to determine what link directed the user to the custom page you have set up.

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