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Oracle Field Service (OFS) IPs
Answer ID 8543   |   Last Review Date 08/22/2019

What is my Oracle Field Service IP?


Oracle Field Service (OFS), All versions


I don't know what IPs to use OFS with our environments.


Your interaction with OFS is accomplished by several end points: Login Portal (, API Portal ( and others (automatically defined/pre-defined), which depends on your location or legal agreement.

1. Login Portal ( and API Portal ( addresses are defined based on your location (country) using GEO IP, which belong to the following list and can be associated with any of them:

Login Portal: Datacenters and IPs



Inbound (Customer->ORACLE)

Outbound (ORACLE->Customer)

London/ Slough




2. OFS service end point

In most cases your environment is behind AKAMAI, pinging your URL would return as an alias in the domain.

3. OFS Firewall IP

Note that you will not be able to ping either your host IP or OFS's Source IP as network commands are disabled for these. If OFS Support Team asks you to provide traceroute or ping to our systems, please provide this using the IPs below (based on your location or legal agreement):

OFS Firewall IPs: Datacenters and IPs



London/Slough UKDC2

Amsterdam NLDC1

Chicago USDC2

Ashburn USDC6

4. SMTP used by OFS

SMTP used by OFS: Datacenters and IPs



London/Slough UKDC2

Amsterdam NLDC1

Chicago USDC2

Ashburn USDC6

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my PROD and TEST environments have the same public IP address, or it will be different?

A: Those are going to be different Public IPs as we've got different certificates for different domains (*, *, etc)

Q: Are these IPs going to be fixed or dynamic?

A: Your environments will have an IP in the range of the Datacenter they are hosted on (Chicago or London). Both PROD and TEST will point to either Chicago or London, as these will act as Primary Datacenters. Please see above table to find out the IP ranges for each Datacenter (Inbound column).

Q: If something happens to the Primary DC and we have to move to Disaster Recovery DC (Failover), is the IP going to be the same or it will change?

A: Amsterdam and Ashburn will act as Disaster Recovery datacenters, so after failover your environments will have an IP in those DCs IP range.