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Compressed CSV scheduled report is limited to 10,000 rows
Answer ID 8523   |   Last Review Date 06/14/2020

Why is my report that is set to be scheduled in a compressed CSV format limited to 10,000 rows?


Oracle B2C Service scheduled reports; compressed CSV format


Report results are limited to 10,000 rows despite the compressed CSV format which should return up to 100MB of data.


As the product documentation mentions, the compressed CSV format allows for file sizes of up to 100MB of data; despite this feature there have been restrictions put in place with the compressed file format that can cause the report results to be limited to 10,000 rows. 

Using string functions applied to the primary key column in a report will invalidate that key for quick sorting to return the larger dataset. This will cause the system to revert to the standard report settings that return 10,000 rows.

These limitations only apply when using the Compressed CSV format.

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