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Accessing Code Assistant to migrate CP2 custom widgets to CP3 custom widgets
Answer ID 8506   |   Last Review Date 10/28/2021

Is there a helpful tool for migrating CP2 custom widgets to CP3 custom widgets?


Customer Portal (CP) 3.3.3


Once you migrate from CP2 to CP3 (version 3.3.3), you can then use the Code Assistant to assist with re-building your custom widgets. This is recommended over the Widget Builder that you use for creating new custom widgets since the Code Assistant will provide guidance for moving your CP2 custom widget details to the CP3 custom widget file structure.

To access the Code Assistant from your ci/admin page, click Tools and then Code Assistant.

For further details on Migrating from CP2 to CP3, refer to the Migration Guide: Migration Guide: Customer Portal Framework Version 3.0.