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Get_route does not return details for internal activities
Answer ID 8503   |   Last Review Date 03/11/2019

Why are activity details not returned with the get_route soap request when only internal activities are present in the route?


Applies to all Oracle Field Service (OFS) versions


Get_route does not return the activity details if only internal activities are routed.


When calling Activity Management API, using get_route method, for a route that only contains internal activities, the activities details will not be returned.

Above behavior is expected from Oracle Field Service under 2 conditions:

1. Technician's route is not activated;

2. External activities are not present in the day's route.

By applying any of the 2 above, activate route or add an external activity, the get_route soap call will return the details for internal activities (such as activity_id, duration or other available properties).

The reason for above behavior is that, in an inactivated route, for internal repeating activities there is no activity_id generated, only template_id is generated for such activities. Once route gets activated, either by activate it or adding external activities, the internal activities get activity_ids and these can be returned in the soap call.