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Intelligent Advisor Change History
Answer ID 8372   |   Last Review Date 06/16/2020

Changes to Intelligent Advisor:


Intelligent Advisor - Two most recent quarterly updates


20A Monthly Update 1 through 20B update

  • Fix: Interview performance may degrade if data connection encounters deadlocking
  • Fix: Adding more than the maximum allowed attachment removes all existing attachments and answers from current screen
  • Fix: There is an arbitrary limit to the number of records being downloaded to the mobile application
  • Fix: Schema URL for mobile application does not re-direct to the correct Interview
  • Fix: Error loading interview when custom JavaScript involves submitting and navigating back to the initial screen
  • Fix: JavaScript error occurs when changing temporary password in Policy Modeling
  • Fix: Users are unable to change their temporary password in mobile application
  • Fix: Interview fails to start if custom goal is deleted in a repository product

20A update

  • Fix: Error Renaming Folders in Rules Tab
  • Fix: Number values are limited to 13 characters
  • Fix: "Deployment name must be provided" error running 19D installation
  • Fix: Performance Issues when using large amounts of reference data on entity level interview screens
  • Fix: One OPA Interview referencing another OPAs JavaScript code
  • Fix: OPA Hub message log filling up with warnings - values missing in siebel req/resp
  • Fix: java.lang.StackOverflowError calling Batch REST API /assessor/example
  • Fix: Inconsistent rounding with numbers and currency
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