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Agent initiated cobrowse session in chat, but cobrowse not offered to customer
Answer ID 8360   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

When an agent is initiating a cobrowse within a chat session, why is the end user not being offered the cobrowse in the chat_landing page?


Applies to Customer Portal 3.x and higher, Cobrowse


Check to see that your ChatTranscript widget that is in use is the current version.  Cobrowse Premium currently requires version 1.3 of the ChatTranscript widget.  Earlier versions had an incompatibility that caused the agent's workspace Cobrowse widget to not communicate.  Once you upgrade to version 1.3 and verify everything in your development environment, be sure to stage and deploy your changes.

It is always a good idea to upgrade obsolete widgets, and test thoroughly in development to address all errors prior to staging.

For more information on finding versions for widgets and deploying Customer Portal, refer to the following resouces:
Answer ID 2801: Deprecated widgets
Answer ID 2849: Deploying Customer Portal pages

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