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All answers are showing on site regardless of access level
Answer ID 8342   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

Why are all my answers showing on my site regardless of access level?


Customer Portal version 3.2.5 (CPv3.2.x) and above


This is generally caused by incorrect filter values set in the report used for your end-user answer list page. 

To resolve this, find the report used on your end-user pages. This will be listed in the /answers/list.php page in Customer Portal.  Once you have the report ID, go to the Reports Explorer and find the report that relates to your answers.

With the report open for editing, select the Filters button from the ribbon and check the "answers.access_id" and make sure that only "User Access" is checked, this ensures that the access levels (privileged access) that you have created are used on your site. Should you have anything other than "User Access" checked in "answers.access_id" then itoverrides the access levels you have setup for your "privileged access".

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