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Using Reset Password Link in mailings or surveys
Answer ID 8280   |   Last Review Date 02/21/2019

Why is the Reset Password Link from a mailing or survey expired?


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Oracle B2C Service, All versions


The reset password link should only be used in documents that will be sent out after a contact has been marked to have his password reset either on the administration console or via the account assistance page. When the link is accessed, there is a condition that is being verified:  if the expiration time of the link has been reached (which is stored in password_email_exp field on the contacts table).  If it has not been reached, then the link is validated and the password can be changed.

If the password_email_exp column is Null or the expiration time of the link passed, then the customer will receive the message "The link has expired".

As a recommendation, if you want to use this link in a mailing or survey, you should make sure that you validate the link by pressing Reset Link button in the ribbon when opening the contact or the contact themselves ask for password reset on Customer Portal pages. These actions will trigger the message template "Contact Password Reset" which makes the contact receive two emails, therefore the mailing is a duplication.