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Email Gateway error for an Invalid Mail Server Password
Answer ID 823   |   Last Review Date 07/19/2022

I have an Email Gateway error that says Invalid Mail Server Password.


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A persistent Email Gateway error that says Invalid Mail Server Password means that the information in the password field of the support mailbox configured in the Mailboxes table of Oracle B2C Service does not match the actual password information for that account. When the error occurs due to a password failure the error messages will continue until the password is fixed.  However, intermittent or self correcting errors of this type can typically be ignored. In the event that intermittent errors occurr with frequency, additional investigation may be required.

Note: Errors are reported in the Error Log. If your staff profile has the System Error Log box enabled on the Administration tab, you will receive error notifications in your Communication Center. For more information on the Error Log, refer to Answer ID 1853: Error Log and System Error notifications.

If your POP3 account password has recently been changed, update the entry in the mailboxes table in Oracle B2C Service to match. Then techmail should once again be able to log into the mailbox and process messages without difficulty.

If you reset the password on both the POP account and in the Mailboxes table and you still get the 'Invalid Mail Server Password' error message, try verifying the login by another method. You can do this with a standard telnet client using the steps below:

  1. From the Start menu on your computer, select Run...
  2. In the Open text field, enter: telnet IP_Address_or_Domain_Name:110 and click OK. This launches a telnet session, and connects to your mail server via port 110, which is the POP protocol port.
  3. Enter: user [mailbox_username] and click Enter.
  4. Enter: pass [mailbox_password] and click Enter.

If the login is successful, you have the right username and password for the mailbox. You may want to reset these settings in the Mailboxes tables one more time. If the login is unsuccessful, the information you have about the password is incorrect.

Basically, for Oracle B2C Service to connect to a mailbox, the following items must be true:

  1. The mail server, account and password settings in the Mailboxes table must match the settings for the actual mailbox account.
  2. The mailbox must be POP3 compliant (not IMAP).
  3. If there is a firewall between the Web server and the mail server, the firewall must allow access to the mailbox from the IP address of the Web server.

If the above conditions are true, there may be an issue with the basic configuration of the POP mailbox itself.

Is the mailbox on the same mail server as another mailbox that is working within Oracle B2C Service? If so, consider creating a new mailbox and using it instead. If not, establish a new mailbox on the same mail server, change the settings in Oracle B2C Service and see if you are able to access that mailbox.

Please refer to the answer link below and Configure an Agent Browser UI Mailbox Editor online documentation for further information on using the OAuth authentication option.