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SOAP API getting Access Denied
Answer ID 8223   |   Last Review Date 08/14/2019

Why am I seeing "Access denied to 'spm_obj_procedure_pending_get'..." in the error logs?


Connect Web Services for SOAP (CWS) API
Oracle B2C Service, All Versions


We're seeing this error in the Error Logs:

"Access denied to 'spm_obj_procedure_pending_get', input_type = 388, file: pair/pair_cvt_input.c, line: 1320, function: api_fcn_call"


In order for the SOAP API to have access to the Custom Process Model (CPM), you must have the Process Designer checked under the permissions within the user profile. For further information on this topic refer to

Answer ID 6756: Access Denied with SOAP API.

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