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Unable to find Scripts Explorer
Answer ID 8220   |   Last Review Date 07/22/2019

Why can I not find the Scripts Explorer when trying to add it to my Navigation Set?


All Oracle B2C Service versions


You will not see the "Scripts Explorer" as an option when working with Navigation Sets unless the feature is enabled. Using the Agent Scripting module requires that the feature is enabled per interface and per profile.

Enable Site/Interface

Please note, the Agent Scripting feature is a purchasable item.  You will need to contact your Sales Account Manager for the purchase of this feature.  Once you have purchased this feature, in order to enable it per site/interface, please submit a service request to Technical Support and ask that the Agent Scripting module be turned on.  When doing so please ensure the site and interface to be enabled are correctly identified.

Enable Profile

Once enabled per site interface please ensure that "Scripting" is enabled on all desired profiles within the Administration tab of the Permissions section of the Profiles editor.