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Contact information available for active chats
Answer ID 8212   |   Last Review Date 12/31/2018

What information is available for the contact associated with an active chat?


Chat - Agent Console, Analytics


Just like in the process where an incident is created from a chat session, the associated contact exists only at the console level. At the database level, the information with regards to a contact during an active chat session, will be available only after a SAVE action has been performed within the console.

A report containing data from chats in a state of 5 (active chats) will not contain contact information due to the fact that this information will not be yet written to the database. Contact information for an active chat will be however available if the end user launches a chat while being logged into his account on customer portal. The URL will contain a session that will populate c_id information into the database while chat is still active.

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