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Console functionality when losing connection to Custom Deployment Locations
Answer ID 8208   |   Last Review Date 07/08/2019

How does the console behave when connection is lost to custom deployment locations?


Oracle B2C Service, Supported versions


A user is running the Service Cloud Console with custom deployment options set and the connection is lost to those locations.


You will need to work with your local IT to restore the connections to custom deployment locations.

If the User File Location (UFL) goes offline, the application will stop responding as user files update for every action within the console.  The user will probably need to log out of the console and log back in after the connection to the UFL has been restored.

If the Custom Deployment Location (CDL) goes offline, the application will more than likely run into issues.  The amount of time will depend on which components of the console have been utilized and loaded into memory.  Again, the user will probably need to restart the console after the connection to the CDL has been restored.  For example, in a test performed by logging into the console and disconnecting the CDL, the console produced an error upon attempting to perform a quick search.  This required a restart of the application.

There is no fallback option for the above settings.  It is recommended to use a robust storage solution for these options.

The Shared Network Location can perform a failover to Oracle servers if configured.  See the following answer for more information on this:
Answer ID 5712: Do we need to use the Server Fallback when using the Shared Network Location