Getting Started with Oracle Service Cloud
Answer ID 8145   |   Last Review Date 11/19/2018

What are the steps I must perform as a new administrator implementing the Oracle Service Cloud application?

To help you get started with your new Oracle Service Cloud application, the following quick start tutorial series will walk you through your initial setup. After you've completed your initial implementation, you can learn more detailed procedures described in the Oracle Service Cloud documentation and tutorials.

As an administrator installing and configuring a new Oracle Service Cloud implementation, we recommend you watch the tutorials in sequence. Begin with the first tutorial listed below and use the link at the end of each tutorial to advance.

Listed below are topics included in our Getting Started with Service Cloud series. Click here to view these videos, as well as many other topics including Knowledge Advanced, REST API, and Customer Portal.

  • Installing the Agent Desktop to access a newly provisioned site - Learn how to install the agent desktop to get started configuring Oracle Service Cloud
  • Setting up your First User: Create a Navigation Set - Shows how to access and create a navigation set
  • Setting up Your First User: Create a Profile - Shows how to create a profile
  • Setting up Your First User: Create a Staff Account - Learn how to create a staff account
  • Setting up the Default Mailbox - Describes how to setup a default mailbox
  • Creating an Answer - Shows you how to create an answer in your knowledge base
  • Asking a Question - Learn how customers can ask a question on your support site
  • Finding and Viewing an Incident - Shows the default flow for finding and viewing an incident
  • Editing an Incident - Learn how to update incidents
  • Responding to an Incident - Shows how to respond to an incident 
  • Viewing an Incident Response - Shows how customers view an incident response
  • Referencing an Answer in an Incident - Learn how to reference an answer in an incident

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For additional assistance, refer to Answer 2543: Contacting Oracle Service Cloud Technical Support Services.  This includes the Oracle Service Cloud Technical Support Services Guide and Working Effectively with Support documents.

If you are implementing in a regulated environment such as PCI or HIPAA, please see Answer ID 9570: Guidance for Implementing in PCI or HIPAA Service Cloud Environment for specific deployment considerations.

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