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Report permissions not inherited by child reports generated by a schedule into a public folder
Answer ID 8076   |   Last Review Date 09/16/2019

Why do I have to manually edit permissions of a report generated from a schedule into a public folder?


Analytics, Scheduled Reports, All versions
Oracle B2C Service


As standard functionality, reports generated from scheduling a report do not inherit the permissions of the parent. For example, if you have a user account UserX which has privileges on the report A, and you schedule report A to generate daily entries in a public folder, UserX agent will not be able to access the child reports generated daily on the specified folder. The permissions have to be modified daily by the administrator in order to grant UserX access.

This behavior is intended functionality. If you would like to submit an enhancement request regarding this functionality, please post your suggestion to the Oracle Cloud Customer Connect Idea Lab.  Additional information regarding the enhancement process is available vis Answer ID 966: Submitting an Enhancement request.