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Enable Knowledge Advanced on Customer Portal
Answer ID 8019   |   Last Review Date 03/13/2019

How can I enable Knowledge Advanced on Customer Portal?


Knowledge Advanced for Oracle Service Cloud


The method you use to enable Knowledge Advanced on Customer Portal depends on your Oracle Service Cloud release:

  • For all supported releases, follow the instructions in this answer
  • For the May 2016 release, see additional instructions below

To enable Knowledge Advanced on Customer Portal, ensure that you have met the prerequisites and follow the steps in the Enablement Process section.


  1. A new or existing supported Customer Portal site. 
  2. The configuration parameter MOD_CP_DEVELOPMENT_ENABLED (Common > Oracle Products > Modules) must be set to yes to ensure that you can modify Customer Portal code using WebDav.
  3. A mapped drive or path to Customer Portal using WebDav. All paths in the documentation refer to the Customer Portal WebDav paths.
  4. Knowledge Advanced Authoring must be configured and operational, with at least one content type that contains at least one article. See Implementing Knowledge Advanced for more information.
  5. A Knowledge Advanced Search index, which is created automatically when you create an article in Knowledge Advanced. You should allow up to 8 hours for the application to create the search index.
  6. A backup copy of your current Customer Portal implementation. On a new site, this may be the default Customer Portal reference implementation. On an existing site, your Customer Portal implementation may contain customizations that you should back up before implementing Knowledge Advanced.
    Important: Note any customizations that you have implemented, so you can retain them as needed during the enablement process.

Enablement Process:
Oracle provides release-specific Knowledge Advanced Customer Portal reference implementations, which are sets of PHP files that are packaged as compressed archives (.zip) and included as file attachments to this answer. You can use these files to replace or modify the Customer Portal files as follows:
  1. Ensure that you have a backup copy of the current Customer Portal implementation as described in the Prerequisites section.
  2. Download the appropriate archive for your release.
  3. Replace or modify the current Customer Portal files:
    1. Replace the current implementation with the Knowledge Advanced reference implementation, or
    2. Modify the current implementation using the Knowledge Advanced reference implementation as a guide.
    Important: Ensure that you have a backup copy of any customizations you have made; replacing the current implementation will overwrite all of the Customer Portal files, including any customized files.
  4. Copy in or re-create any customizations from the previous implementation that you want to retain, using the backup files that you created previously.

May 2016 Only:

Make the following file changes:

  • Copy mobile.php from cp/core/framework/views/templates/ to customer/development/views/templates/ 
  • Copy the mobile folders (the entire folder) from cp/core/framework/views/pages/ to customer/development/views/pages/

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