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Solutions for allowing our mail servers
Answer ID 8017   |   Last Review Date 11/03/2020

How do I allow traffic through my firewall to my mail server?


Techmail, firewalls


Instead of allowing by IP on your firewall:

  1. Write a function that allows by domain.  Many routers may allow by domain with advanced configuration options. Work with your router/firewall vendor to write the function.  For mail servers only the * domain needs to be allowed.  

    However, if your policies do not allow a wildcard you may allow only the servers which pull mail.  The domain varies based on the type of datacenter:
    For OCI pods use ""
    For non-OCI pods use ""
    For restricted pods use ""

    You can find your pod name on the Site Information page. Make sure you are logged in to the Support Portal, select your site and any interface. The Data Center row provides the 2-letter pod designation to use in place of XX.  
  2. Use SMTP forwarding. A simple and permanent solution to problems with allowing would be to SMTP forward mail from your pop accounts into pop accounts on our servers.  Then techmail would not have to pull from your mail servers and traverse your network.


Server IP addresses on our infrastructure may change without notice.  Although a customer may be informed in advance of a pod migration, they will not be given advance notice of a disaster recovery event or mail server change.  Therefore our environmental configuration guide suggests several domains to be allowed.

You can refer to System requirements to run Oracle B2C Service products to find the Oracle B2C Service Infrastructure Requirements for your version.