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"Agent disconnected ('Transferred to Queue')" message in chat transcripts
Answer ID 8012   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Why are we periodically seeing the "'Agent' disconnected ('Transferred to Queue')" message in chat transcripts?


Chat - Agent console, Chat Transcripts


The "'Agent' disconnected ('Transferred to Queue')" message will appear in the transcript of a chat when the agent logs out of their chat session before the chat has been terminated. If an agent logs out while assigned active chats, they will see the below message:

You currently have active chat sessions. If you log off, your open engagements will be requeued.

If the agent dismisses the warning and proceeds with log out, any currently active chats will be returned to the queue for assignment to logged in agents. The transcripts of those chats will display the message indicating that the agent disconnected.

Agents should ensure that they terminate all chats in which they are engaged before logging out of their chat agent sessions.