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Server-side timeouts associated with the Connect Web Services for SOAP (CWS) API
Answer ID 7970   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

What are the server-side timeouts associated with the Connect Web Services for SOAP (CWS) API?


Connect Web Services for SOAP (CWS) API


A CWS process starts up and will run for up to 5 minutes (wall-clock time), or until it consumes too many resources. That 5 minute timer is enforced by Apache as part of its CGI framework. That 5 minutes will be extended if the CWS process is outputting data (for example, processing a very large request), but only if it is sending data base to the client.

This is not configurable by the CWS or the customer. This is enforced by Cloud Operations for the entire pod across all pods.

Thus a client-side timeout should be set to a bit longer than 5 minutes (e.g. 330 seconds) to handle these long running processes. Of course, all of this depends upon what action is being taken. The 330 second recommendation is the max time any request should take.