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End user chat is not displaying "AGENTS_AVAILABLE_CHAT_PLEASE_TRY_MSG" message
Answer ID 7887   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Why isn't the "AGENTS_AVAILABLE_CHAT_PLEASE_TRY_MSG" message displayed?


Chat, Messaging displayed to end-users


When no agents are logged in and available for chat, if a contact requests a chat, the message "AGENTS_AVAILABLE_CHAT_PLEASE_TRY_MSG" no longer appears, and the users will remain in queue waiting for an agent.


The first thing that you need to check is the setting USER_DISCONNECT_IF_NO_AGENTS for your interface.

If this setting is disabled, users will remain in queue waiting for an agent.

If enabled and no agents are currently logged onto the system, then when users request chats they will receive the AGENTS_AVAILABLE_CHAT_PLEASE_TRY_MSG.

You will need to log into your affected interface and go to:

Configuration > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > search by key:  USER_DISCONNECT_IF_NO_AGENTS> set to 1  (enabled)

If this setting is enabled but you are still experiencing this behavior, please create a service request and our Technical Support team will be happy to further investigate this issue.