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Delete Custom Process Model Script (CPM)
Answer ID 7883   |   Last Review Date 10/30/2019

How do I delete a Custom Process Model (CPM) script from my site?


Process Designer, Custom Processes (CPM), Service Process Model (SPM)
All product versions


There is a specific order that must be followed to completely delete a CPM script from a site using the Process Designer.

Step 1: Detach the CPM mappings to any objects

Step 2: Select the CPM script that you want to Delete

Step 3: Choose the red X Delete option on the ribbon - and OK after popup asks for you to confirm you want to delete.

Step 4: Click Save toolbar button.

Step 5: Select the Deploy option on the ribbon.

Be sure that you only delete the CPM and don't update any code or add the new one before completely deleting the old CPM.

After Step 5, you should no longer see the CPM in the list of Object Event Handlers.