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Email rejected due to spam URL in content
Answer ID 7870   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

How can I resolve emails being bounced due to spam URL in content?


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You have received an email saying a message failed due to one of the following errors:

SMTP; 554 rejected due to spam URL in content

SMTP; 554 rejected due to spam content


To find why an email has been filtered due to URL content you need the bounce email details and the original message.

These steps will explain how to determine what URL is causing the delivery to fail:

1. From the bounce email there will be a section called Diagnostic information for administrators this will provide an error similar to the below example explaining that there is a URL in the original email that is being rejected by Barracuda.

Diagnostic information for administrators:

Generating server: XXXXX< #5.0.0 SMTP; 554 rejected due to spam URL in content>#SMTP#

2. Using the original message you can view the source information to determine what URL is causing the issue.

3. In Outlook to view the source: Open the email and navigate to the Move section and select Actions > Other Actions > View Source. Search through the source for http to find all the URL's in the email.

4. Once you have found all the URL's in the email navigate to Barracuda Central Link.  Barracuda Reputation Lookup

5. In the IP or Domain section enter the domain of the URL ( Then in the Privacy & Terms text box enter the text in the security image. Click the Check Reputation button. In the Reputation lookup that is returned you will see something like this if the URL has been blocked by Barracuda:

The domain name is listed on Barracuda's Intent Block List. To report any issues regarding your domain reputation, please contact

6. These URL's cannot be whitelisted in your Barracuda. You will need to contact the owner of the URL and they must contact Barracuda via the email address provided to have the URL removed from the block list.


URL's in the header or body of an email can cause the message to be filtered depending if the URL is listed on the Barracuda's Intent Block List

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