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Data Import slower than usual
Answer ID 7863   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How do I improve the data import time when using Data Import Wizard?


Data Import Wizard
Oracle B2C Service, all versions


Depending of the type and the volume of what you are trying to import in your site using Data Import Wizard you might see that the process is slower than usual.

During the import process your data is divided in batches that are being processed. A batch is a program that is assigned to a computer to run without further user interaction.

If you experience a slowness during the data import process you might want to reduce the value of the configuration setting DATA_IMPORT_BATCH_LIMIT.

The meaning of this configuration setting is described below. Please note that this is an interface specific configuration and you can find it using the path: Configuration-> Site Configuration.

Limits the number of contacts processed in a single batch when performing a Data Import. Maximum is 5000. Default is 1000.


This procedure is applicable only when using Data Import Wizard and it might not take effect when using other customized ways to import data, as the configuration setting was developed to work for this Oracle B2C Service standard feature.