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Remember Me Functionality for Oracle B2C Service
Answer ID 7830   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

How do I retain my Remember-Me functionality for Oracle B2C Service?


Login, February 2012 and newer


As of May 2015 the Oracle B2C Service will no longer have the 'Remember Me' check box on the agent-desktop login screen. In order to retain your 'Remember Me' functionality each agent will have to perform the following steps:

To have your credentials auto-populate using Internet Explorer on the Oracle B2C Service May 2015 platform login screen:

  1. Make sure you are logged out of Oracle B2C Service
  2. Open Internet Explorer
  3. Go to: Tools / Internet Options / Content / Auto-complete / Setting
  4. Check to see that 'ask me before saving passwords' is checked, check if required
  5. Log into Oracle B2C Service, with your username and password
  6. You will receive a pop-up asking if Internet Explorer can save your password
  7. Click 'Yes'
  8. Oracle B2C Service will launch
  9. The next time you login, left click your mouse in the username box
  10. A dropdown will appear with your username
  11. Click on your username, and your password will auto-populate
  12. Select Login
  13. Oracle B2C Service will launch
  14. These settings will be saved in Internet Explorer going forward so you should be able to continue to login this way until you change your password
  15. When your password is changed Internet Explorer will remember this on the next login and you will receive pop-up asking to confirm the change (see below)

In August 2012 through February 2015, for security purposes, staff members must enter their user name and password each time they log in. However, you can change this default behavior. By changing the default, your staff will see a Remember Me check box on the Login window. They can then select the check box so they don't have to enter their user name and password each time they log in.

To review or change this setting, see ACCT_ALLOW_REMEMBER_ME at Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > RightNow User Interface > Tool Bar > General.

In versions February 2012 and May 2012, ACCT_ALLOW_REMEMBER_ME is enabled (set to Yes) by default. This can be disabled for added security.


See attached .pdf file "Oracle FAQ 7830 Remember Me Funtionality for Service Cloud May 2015 and Newer" for steps and screenshots.

For more information on compatibility and deprecation issues, refer to Answer ID 4339: Service Update Notifications and follow the remediation steps described there.

For more information on the upgrade process refer to Answer 1124: Requesting an Oracle B2C Service Update.