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Agent chat session is not showing in chat report even though they were logged in
Answer ID 7600   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

Why is an agent chat session not showing for a certain day in the report?


All versions of Oracle B2C Service


If an agent's session for a day is not showing in your chat session report this is likely due to the agent having remained logged in over night and continuing the next day.

Please check the report definition (Edit the report > select 'Definition' from top ribbon) and see if the filter used is 'chat_agent_sessions'. If chat_agent_sessions is used then this is governed by the time the agent logged in and out of chat. This filter will only look for agents that logged in on that given day since midnight, so if an agent were to log in on one day and leave themselves logged in for the next day, there would be no information captured for agent_chat_sessions_login.