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Oracle B2C Service – Untested Patches
Answer ID 7224   |   Last Review Date 01/22/2019

What are Untested Patches?


Oracle B2C Service, Product Updates


Untested patches are deployed to individual customer sites when Oracle determines a need to update Oracle B2C Service in a timely manner outside of the scope and schedule of Maintenance Packs.  For more information about updates please see Answer ID 2525: Oracle B2C Service - Product Release Updates

Untested Patch Contents

Each update includes a small set of code changes to facilitate the resolution of one or more defects a customer has reported to Technical Support.  Untested patches do not include new features, schema changes, or changes to customer-facing user interfaces and APIs. Untested patches also will not change the look and feel of your site.

Untested Patch Delivery

As the name suggests, these updates do not undergo comprehensive QA testing and the customer agrees to assume any risk of regression issues caused by the update.  The update will be applied to a clone site and the customer is expected to complete testing in a timely manner to mitigate this risk.

Oracle reserves the right to determine when this type of update can be delivered.  These updates are reserved for emergency scenarios that are typically resulting in the customer's site being down.  When a workaround to the defect has been identified Oracle will not build or deliver an untested patch to customers.  

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