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Cobrowse Patch and Maintenance Pack Process
Answer ID 7212   |   Last Review Date 03/03/2020

How does Cobrowse implement patches and hotfixes?


Cobrowse, Updates, Maintenance Packs, Patches
Oracle B2C Service


At this point, delivery is done entirely by the Cobrowse Operations team. This applies to release updates, maintenance packs and patches.  There is no difference in the delivery for these categories for Cobrowse.  Delivery does not involve any service interruption and is overall a much simpler process than in an Oracle B2C Service site. Therefore, customers are not notified when updates occur. The Cobrowse service runs in a true SaaS fashion. There are no customer specific instances; a single instance serves everyone.  Patches are generally aligned with the quarterly release schedule for Oracle B2C Service (i.e. February, May, August and November).

For more information on Cobrowse, please see Cobrowsing with chat customers.

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