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Answer ID 7171   |   Last Review Date 03/11/2019

Why is Knowledgebase/IntentGuideDisplay widget causing an error when staging my Customer Portal when I can see the files do exist when using WEBDAV?


Oracle B2C Service Customer Portal (CP) v3.1 and Greater


The Standard/Knowlegebase/IntentGuideDisplay Widget is no longer available after framework 3.0.  You are still able to see the files because you are able to see and potentially use the earlier versions of CP starting with CP 3.0.

However, because this widget is no longer available after CPv3.0 and you are on a later version of CP, you are seeing an error in your staging log that says something like "xxx.php is referencing a widget that does not exist (widget path: knowledgebase/IntentGuideDisplay)" and you are unable to stage.

You will need to remove any reference to it in order to successfully stage your CP.