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Cobrowse - The customer has either closed the page, navigated away, or is experiencing network issues
Answer ID 7084   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

What causes the "The customer has either closed the page, navigated away..." message?


Oracle B2C Service


V4 Session was lost on the customer side in transition from one page to another. The UI with the presentation code is no longer displayed on the customer's side; the agent sees a dialog with a message:

"The customer has either closed the page, navigated away, or is experiencing network issues. If a cobrowsing session is still required, please ask the customer to return to the website."

Illustration of error text above

Possible Reasons:

There are a few reasons this issue might occur. Continue reading for more information on the possible reasons.

1. The page belongs to a third-party website, where the Cobrowse Launcher script is not deployed by design.

Resolution: make configuration changes in V4 configuration in the Admin console (restrict ICB URLs to show which domains and/or pages should be supported; redirects to other pages will open a new browser tab and will not disrupt active sessions).

2. The page belongs to a domain which should be supported, but the script is not present on the page due to deployment misconfiguration. Session cannot be initiated on this page - UI is not visible, and does not come up after the Ctrl-Enter keyboard combination, or clicking the link which initiates the cobrowsing session.

Resolution: The Cobrowse Launcher package should be deployed on all pages where the session should be supported.

3. The browser is Internet Explorer and the session was lost because the two pages belong to different security zones (Tools > Internet Options > Security). Session is lost in transition from a less-restrictive zone like 'Trusted sites' or 'Intranet' to a more restricted zone like 'Internet' or 'Restricted'. Non-IE browsers like Google Chrome do not lose session in the same transition.

IE browser, Internet Options, Trusted Sites

Resolution: All the domains in the session should belong to the same security zone in Internet Explorer.

4. The tester's browser is specifically restricted to disallow localStorage, cookies, and any other means of storing the session information.

Resolution: Allow localStorage access in the browser configuration.