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Fill Inbox not working even though there are no incidents in My Inbox
Answer ID 7081   |   Last Review Date 07/22/2019

Why are no incidents getting pulled into my empty inbox when clicking fill inbox?


Analytics, Fill Inbox functionality
Oracle B2C Service


Look at the filters of the Inbox report the agent is using. Ensure that the filters are set to include all the unresolved and waiting status_types. If the filters do not include all the unresolved and waiting status_types the agent may have more incidents assigned than allowed by the profile inbox limit. However, they would not display in the report.

For example, the status_id of an incident has a status of 'escalated' which is set to an unresolved status in the customizable menu > incidents statuses. This incident would count against the inbox limit.

To clarify, there are two different incident statuses:

  • status_id
    • This is the incident statuses of the customizable menus which can be found in the following path:
      • Application Appearance > Customizable menus > System Menus > Incident Statuses.
  • status_type
    • This is a sub-type of the status_id. If you create a new incident status with a new label(name) through the above path you will find three options:
      1. Unresolved (status_type 1 ).
      2. Solved ( status_type 2 ).
      3. Waiting ( status_type 3 ).
    • This means that you can have a status_id that has a label of escalated, closed, or any number of names but they will only have three possible status_types.

Customizable Menus, Incident Statuses, the status type can set for any custom status


There can be a few reasons for this behavior. A common reason is because the report is not filtering correctly to display all the unresolved incidents. The fill inbox will not function if the agent has more incidents assigned to them in an unresolved or waiting status than is allowed from their profile's inbox limit.