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Exporting archived incidents
Answer ID 7035   |   Last Review Date 01/22/2019

How do I export a copy of incidents that have been archived?


Incident Archiving
Oracle B2C Service, February 2015 and newer releases


Beginning with the February 2015 release, Oracle B2C Service allows you to export copies of incidents that have been archived.  Up to 100 incidents can be exported at a time.

To export archived incidents, start by accessing the archive console and performing a search to locate the incidents to be exported.

For each incident listed that you wish to export, check the box to the left of the incident.  To select ALL incidents listed on the current page (which is up to 100), check the box at the top of the checkbox column.

Archived Incidents console

To save checked incidents, click Export at the top of the page.  When prompted to save the file, click Save and choose a file location on your local system.  The saved file contains an XML file for each incident that you checked.  You can import these XML files into other data systems or examine them using a web browser.

Additional Information:

The Archiving feature allows you to remove older, resolved incidents from the database (which also aids performance since the size of your database decreases). Archived incidents are converted to an XML file that can be accessed for viewing and reference, but the content for the archived incidents is removed from the database tables.

For additional information regarding archiving, refer to Answer ID 1234: Options for removing older incidents without deleting them from our site.